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These are tough days to try to make it in the creative arts. Most people don’t value content, much less content creation or its creators. They value gizmos, apps, things that do something clever. An app that compares your shoe size to the outside temperature and hair color and then tells you your horoscope. Write that code and maybe you’ll attract venture capital. Wrangle that algorithm and maybe you’ll get bought out, so you can start work on your memoirs.

Writing. What’s writing? Isn’t writing that horrible school assignment where you had to go to the library and do research and then you copied a bunch of crap out of some books and tried to change it a little and then you got your paper back all marked up with grammatical and stylistic errors. We hate writing. Writing is something done by others that you highlight, copy and paste, but first you might have to read it to see if you’re stealing the right writing, and reading anything longer than a paragraph is almost as much of a drag as writing.

Nobody writes if they can help it. Instead of writing, we click “like” or “share” in order to express ourselves. We skim the posts of others and look more carefully at photos or memes.

Almost all people with too much time of their hands are writing a blog or two, but they’re more worried about keyword search terms than they are about content. If you write something then it better damn well be Search Engine Optimized or there’s no point even expending the effort to punch the keyboard. Every retired person or Trust Fund Baby I know who’s living abroad is writing a travel blog. Most of them aren’t getting too far of the ground with them. They’re certainly not getting paid, because content, as we’ve learned, is free.

Who will be the reading audience for these blogs if everyone is busy writing their own?


3 thoughts on “Blogs About Blogs

  1. All these gadgets available today have taken something away from the actual art of writing. Just read a text and we can see that. Memes are all the rage and I couldn’t care less about em.

    I think the best blogs are those that are about one’s everyday life. Like they say, every life is a biography. Humans are social creatures. We have an innate need to share. We either do it verbally or by writing. We need to be heard because we believe we have something important to say and that it matters. If I click on “like” I usually include a comment because I too have something to say.


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